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Legal disclaimer

ARPharM is a non-profit organization which 25 members are research-based pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers from Europe, USA and Japan, whose main activity is to invest in developing new medicines that save or prolong human life or significant improve its quality. 

With the initial access to this site the user agrees and accepts that the visits and the use of any means of information located on the site and/or items shall be made subject to the following conditions, which are updated periodically, so it is recommended that the user regularly meets with the given information below regarding the use of the site.


Nature and purpose of the information published

ARPharM maintains a register of national events for healthcare professionals taking place in Bulgaria to be estimated under the provisions of Article 9 of the Code of Ethics of the Association.

The purpose of maintaining the site register is to serve for monitoring of national events for healthcare professionals taking place in Bulgaria through a preliminary assessment with regard to the Code of Ethics of the Association.

The preliminary assessment is made by the Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM. The preliminary assessment is available for both member companies of ARPharM, and the organizers of national events for healthcare professionals and the general public / collectively "users" /.

Http:// site is publicly accessible. All available information on this site may be used free of charge without the need for registration.

Preliminary assessment available on arpharm-e4ethics not means conforming assessment of the event with the applicable national law or the relevant European standards. Preliminary assessment of the event given by the Events Compliance Committee of ARPharm cannot be treated as a decision of the Ethics Commission on whether the event is compatible with the provisions of the Code of ARPharM.

Member companies of the Association are encouraged to consult with arpharm-e4ethics and in accordance with applicable rules and regulations when deciding whether to sponsor, participate or cooperate in an event.


Each company itself decides whether to sponsor/participate in the event.

 Preliminary assessment of the events will be performed on the previously announced policies and procedures in the section "General Information" on the website. The evaluation of the event presented in arpharm-e4ethics is valid at the date indicated in the assessment. Preliminary assessment of the event cannot, under any circumstance, be interpreted as a judgement on the quality or content of the scientific programme, or on the quality of the speakers. 

The preliminary assessment cannot be used to promote an event nor it can be used for commercial purposes.

Generated links to other sites (links) 

ARPharM provides no guarantee for the existence and content of other sites to which links are generated and for completeness, timeliness, accuracy and usefulness of the information in them.

ARPharM not bear any responsibility for damages and lost profits suffered by users due to lack of information or the use of the sites to which it refers, as they are owned and maintained by third parties and ARPharM is unable to exercise control in this respect.

In the event that this site an exchange of information between users is made through, each user is responsible for the statement made by him and voiced his opinion or advice.

Given the nature of the site as an Internet platform, warranties regarding the absence of viruses may not be provided.


Personal data

ARPharM complies with the provisions of Bulgarian legislation on the protection of personal data.
Information on any national event, subject to preliminary assessment by the Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM is collected from public sources, in particular websites for events, other online sources or through companies affiliated to ARPharM.

ARPharM and / or the Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM does not collect and process names and / or other personal information on individuals - players, organizers, sponsors, speakers of a particular national event or the public.

The information collected by ARPharM is limited only to data for the sender of information which will allow ARPharM to connect back to the sender to specify or require further information on a national event, or to answer questions put by user issues.

The information from this site does not imply the provision of personal data of persons who are expected to participate in national events, regardless of the quality of these persons / organizers, sponsors, speakers and medical professionals/or consumers of information available online.


Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights on the items included in the content of this site (including codes, programs, schemes, graphics, shapes, images, text, sound and other intellectual property) are owned by ARPharM and / or its contractors, rights conferred on the use of these items.

The user of the information on this site must obtain prior written consent of ARPharM (and / or out of it its contractors) before copy and reproduce in public, use in other way, modify, interpret or refers to the posts in this site and / or ARPharM name in connection with these publications.

In case of copying information from the site on the user's computer for personal and commercial use, the latter is obliged to provide maintenance on each copy all signs of copyright, trademark (logo) or similar, located on the original material.



Information available on the website of arpharm-e4ethics is provided in good faith for information only.

ARPharM and particularly Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM make efforts to maintain current information on arpharm-e4ethics, but cannot guarantee completeness or accuracy of the information at any time.

ARPharM accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on the arpharm-e4ethicswebsite.
Users of the website accept that the use of the arpharm-e4ethics website is under their responsibility.

ARPharM and particularly Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM is not liable for any direct or indirect damage and/or lost profits suffered by the user through the use of published information on the site in any manner, including use of external sites to which reference arpharm-e4ethics. ARPharM and the Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM shall not be liable for damages caused by computer viruses that can affect the computer system or other users’ property, due to the use of information on arpharm-e4ethics.

In particular, ARPharM and the Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM are not liable to the user for:

  • Preliminary assessment of the event presented to arpharm-e4ethics, conducted by the Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM on developments in ARPharM;
  • Taken by the organizers of the event up to or in connection with the preliminary assessment of the event by the Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM;
  • An estimate based on incomplete or inaccurate information contained on the website of the event.


Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM 

Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM consists of 5 persons and is being elected among the members of a special "Trust and Reputation" working group created to ARPharM. The mandate of the Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM is two years and each year the Committee's composition is updated with two new members on a rotating basis. Events Compliance Committee of ARPharM is guided by the principles and provisions of the Code of Conduct and in accordance with the ARPharM Procedure for the terms and conditions of operation of the Register of national events under Art. 9 of the Code of Ethics of ARPharM, held in the territory of Bulgaria.

Applicable Law

The access and use of arpharm-e4ethics web site is subject to Bulgarian legislation. All actions, operations or measures related to web site will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Any complaints, comments and recommendations concerning the site may be submitted in writing to the address: